Welcome to Cybernetic Dreams

A unique NFT collection of futuristic and surreal images exploring the connection between mind and machine.

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The Collection

Dive into the dystopian world of Cybernetic Dreams.


What IS Cybernetic Dreams

"Cybernetic Dreams" is a NFT collection created by @80million_eth for the Based community of $IDE. The collection features futuristic and surreal images of robots and cyborgs in a dystopian world, based on X AI's Integrated Development Environment "IDE", which is a tool for prompt engineering and interpretability research....

Each item in the collection is a unique digital artwork, created using various A.I. models including Stable Diffusion XL and Midjourney. The images depict various aspects of the cybernetic life, such as the connection between the mind and the machine, the conflict between the organic and the synthetic, and the struggle for survival and freedom.

The collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring the authenticity and ownership of each token. The collection has a very limited number of 111 tokens (100 Available to Public / 11 Allocated for distribution amongst Team and Promotional Giveaway's / Contest's), creating scarcity and demand for the collectors. This is the Genesis collection.

Cybernetic Dreams is more than just a NFT collection. It is a demonstration of the potential of artificial intelligence, a tribute to Elon and the X AI community, and a challenge to our imagination. If you are a fan of Artificial Intelligence, aesthetic, science fiction, cyberpunk, or dystopian genres, you will love this collection. Join the IDE Team today and explore the world of tomorrow. 🤖


Requirements for Allowlist:

Follow @IDE_ERC20 on "X"

Hold 250,000 $IDE Tokens

40 Slots Available

Max Mint 3 Per Qualified Wallet

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    ALLOWLIST BEGINS: Tuesday December 18th, 2023 8:00 P.M.CST - Ends Wednesday December 19th, 2023 8:00 P.M.CST
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    PUBLIC SALE BEGINS: Wednesday December 18th, 2023 8:01 P.M.CST-

Surreal Aesthetics

Discover unlimited Imagination

All The colors Of the Rainbow

Each image in the collection is a unique digital artwork, aesthetically representing the endless possibilities of the rainbow of identity and humanity in a technologically advanced society
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Limited 111 Item Collection

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Community Driven

Created for the $IDE community.
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Our Roadmap

Cybernetic Dreams

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    Community Building ✅

    Building a strong and engaged community. 

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    Pre-qualify For our Exclusive Drop: Just Grab a Small bag of $IDE (250,000 IDE) All Proceeds From Cybernetic Dreams Mint and Royalties from Secondary go Directly To The $IDE Community Marketing wallet To support and grow our Community ( For Details Join our Telegram!! ) we are a 0/0 Tax Community Token, LP Burnt. 1 Billion Token Supply.

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    Step Up Marketing and Social Presence across all social media platforms with promotional videos and marketing. 

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    MINT LIVE w/ HeyMint.xyz

    Be the first to Mint a 1:1 NFT from the Cybernetic Dreams Collection. Limited 111 PFP Collection. 

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Meet the Team

The creative minds behind Cybernetic Dreams.
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    The visionary behind the Cybernetic Dreams NFT collection.
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    @YetiCryptoz (Telegram💬)

    A Born Leader and the Community owner/operator of $IDE. 

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    Advisor To the Project / Team Leader, Community Operator

Frequently Asked Questions

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